Patio Decorating – Ten Simple Patio Decorating Ideas

When Mother Nature begins to warm, thoughts of outdoor entertaining, including B-B-Qs, poolside parties, lunch (or brunch) on the patio, tend to get us thinking of decorating ideas, specifically deck or patio decorating ideas. Decorating doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor to spruce up an outdoor patio; a few simple changes can do the trick without breaking the bank.

With a plethora of decorating magazines on the stands, interior/exterior decorating websites and design blogs, it’s easy to want more than what the budget will allow. So it is always a good idea, as you formulate decorating ideas for a patio, to determine what your budget can afford.

As you assess the outdoor area in need of a makeover create a list of things that need attention. For example, is the patio furniture looking a bit tattered? Are decorative plants healthy and thriving? What patio decor items could be added or replaced? Maybe a coat of fresh paint to outside walls or a trellis with climbing vines to make an unattractive area more appealing.

Reviewing visual resources such as garden and patio magazines and interior design websites can help generate ideas; use photos to assemble a theme or style suited to your desired effect.

If you, a friend or a family member, have a talent for crafty work, do-it-yourself (DYI) instructions are readily available for almost every type of patio, or deck, decorating project such as an in-ground pond or water fountain, a stone path or a mosaic tile table top. The options are endless. It helps to have a general plan before you begin to keep the entire project manageable.

Here, then, are ten simple and affordable patio decorating ideas to freshen or change an outdoor entertaining area:

  1. Repaint or refinish outdoor furniture; consider a new color for a big change.
  2. Hand painted canvas cushion pillow covers for outdoor furniture; use colors and designs to match or complement a theme.
  3. Place larger potted plants of various sizes placed in unusual containers around the perimeter of patio area. Search out chipped pottery pieces at garden stores for marked down prices; a chip or two can be easily hidden or camouflaged.
  4. Group furniture together creating one or more cozy/intimate spaces.
  5. Consider making or purchasing a hand painted canvas rug; these are great for outdoor patios or decks and many artists will offer a wide choice of different designs with custom color options.
  6. Add decorative lighting using unusual items; add garden lanterns or string twinkle lights around a tree or under the eaves of a garden umbrella.
  7. Hand paint small to medium tera cota planters; transplant smaller flowers, herbs or leafy plants and use as table decorations.
  8. Make or purchase tablecloths; oilcloth is a great choice for casual outdoor tables, providing easy maintenance and available in a variety of colors and designs.
  9. Wall art adds a designer touch to a patio and can be anything, from sculpture, to driftwood, to hand painted canvas wall decor. Use larger pieces on expansive outdoor wall areas or hang in smaller groups of three.
  10. Statues, waterfalls, ponds all add an interesting focal point to a patio. Their size should be in balance with the size of patio or entertaining area. Look for an unique piece or create your own.

Generating and planning patio decorating can be a fun, creative process. New patio decor can be an extension of the interior of your home or something uniquely different creating an oasis for you, your family and your invited guests. Break down each aspect of patio decorating ideas into small steps so as not to overwhelm yourself. Then get ready to plan the party!

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