5 Cool Christmas Wall Ornaments for Your Home

One more week to Christmas! This holiday, which mainly commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ for Christians and Catholics, is not just a religious celebration. Christmas is also a universal cultural festivity and is celebrated by many people from all over the world.

One aspect of the Christmas celebration is the presence of special ornaments as decorations at home. Not only put on a Christmas tree, you can also hang various wall ornaments for a thicker and more festive Christmas atmosphere. Come, see the following five Christmas wall ornaments!

1. Various writing ornaments

You can start by hanging typographical ornaments or signage, starting from saying Merry Christmas, fragments of your favorite Christmas song lyrics, or other sentences related to Christmas celebrations. His form can vary, paper with various types, painted on canvas, wooden boards, until the display lights up with neon.

2. Traditional with typical Christmas wreaths

A typical Christmas wreath is one of the traditional ornaments that is synonymous with Christmas. This circular wreath is installed because it symbolizes eternity. Like an endless circle, wreath is believed to bring prosperous, ever-growing, and eternal life. In making it, you can use leaves, twigs, and flowers or even real or artificial fruit.

3. Adorable sock ornaments

Traditionally, Christmas socks or stockings are hung above the fireplace. It is believed that Santa Claus who comes through the chimney will put various gifts into the sock. This belief is what makes the tradition of hanging socks at Christmas. You can choose various variations of socks according to your wishes and family.

4. Christmas tree on the wall

Not all families have a Christmas tree in their house. However, this reason should not prevent you from having a Christmas tree. Alternatively, you can make your own Christmas tree on the wall. Here, you can create freely. Triangular cardboard decorated with Christmas cards, fairy light wires shaped like Christmas trees, modified coat hangers, and much more.

5. Make your own snowflakes

Synonymous with Christmas, snow is also a displayed ornament. You can make these snowflakes by yourself in various materials and ways. As easy as pieces of paper formed like snowflakes, plastic or crystal sheets that are given glitter and snow spray. In fact, you can also make it from beads to knitted wool yarn though. Not only can you look for and buy in stores, you also have the opportunity to make the ornaments above with your family at home. The house will be more festive with a more complete Christmas atmosphere with these beautiful wall ornaments.